Saturday, February 12, 2011

Glutamax Reduced Glutatahione Capsules

Another whitening beauty products used by Filipinas called Glutamax. This capsules is also combined with soap. It lightens the skin tone evenly and naturally. Considered as the most powerful, versatile and important anti-oxidant produced by the human body. Reduced glutathione preserves and protects our bodies against the damage of free radicals. GlutaMAX capsules also contain 75mg of Sodium Ascorbate to increase resistance to ailments and reduce tiredness.

GlutaMAX reduced glutathione works inside our body while GlutaMAX lightening soap works on the outside. With its combination, GlutaMAX can give us a beautiful, youthful looking skin while keeping you healthy within.

AVAILABLE in: 500mg

An advance product that has premium skin lightening essentials, formulated by respected Dermatologist, to safely provide maximum results. This, it makes skin intensely lighter, smoother while restoring its youthful vibrancy.

AVAILABLE in: 135g

One thing good about this product that it whitens even the darker  Filipinas. Wont you beleive it?See this video of our very owned Jinky Oda, a comedienne Filifina Actress.

For more info about this product just visit Glutamax website. Gretchen Barreto will welcome you on the header.


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